Thursday June 24, 2021

Longines International Arena

115.1  9:00am The Al Shira'aa 1.40m Open (split class)

112  12:15pm Presentation: The British Private Driving Derby (Horse Of The Year Show Qualifier)

113  12:15pm Presentation: The Driving Concours D’Elegance

114  12:30pm Presentation: Supreme Trade Turnout Championship

12:45pm Course Walk for the Al Shira’aa 1.40m Open

115.2  1:00pm The Al Shira’aa 1.40m Open

Horseware Ireland Ring 2

116 8:00am Al Shira’aa British 5 Year Old Championship (2nd Qualifier)

117 to follow Al Shira’aa British 6 Year Old Championship (2nd Qualifier)

118 to follow Al Shira’aa British 7 Year Old Championship (2nd Qualifier)

Equine America Ring 3 (All Weather)

119 8:00am The British 1.30m Open Championship (2nd Qualifier)

120 to follow The British 1.00m Open Championship (2nd Qualifier)

Coldstream Equestrian Ring 4 (All Weather)

121 8:00am The Hy Equestrian British 1.10m Amateur Championship (2nd Qualifier)

122 to follow The British 1.20m Amateur Championship (2nd Qualifier)

Science Supplements Ring 5

123 8:00am The British 1.20m Open Championship (1st Qualifier)

124 to follow Lord and Lady Equestrian Senior Newcomers - First Round (2nd Qualifier)

NSEA River Lawn

3:30pm The Total Waste Management Ltd Hickstead Mini Challenge

Driving Ground

125 9:00am Private Driving Class (Singles, Pairs and Tandems) 13.2hh and under

126 to follow Private Driving Class (Singles, Pairs and Tandems) 13.2hh and over

127 to follow Private Driving Class (Singles, Pairs and Tandems) Hackney or Hackney Type

128 to follow Light Trade Turnout




Times are subject to change