Wednesday July 21, 2021

Longines International Arena

124 9.00am The Oakley Coachbuilders Winter Grade JC Championship

125 10.30am The Winter 128cms Championship

126 11.45am The Winter 138cms Championship

127 1.15pm Presentation: The Novice Hackney Championship

       1.30pm Course Walk For The SEIB Winter Novice Championship

128 1.45pm The SEIB Winter Novice Championship

129 3.00pm Presentation: The Leeman Family Supreme Show Hunter Pony Championship

       3.15pm Final Judging and Presentation: The Pure Bred Ridden Arabian Championship

130 3.30pm Presentation: The Open Hackney Championship

131 3.55pm Presentation: The UKPH Young Riders M&M Championship

       4.10pm Course Walk For The Winter Grades B & C Championship

132 4.20pm The Winter Grades B & C Championship

Horseware Ireland Ring 2

133 8:00am The Lord & Lady Equestrian Senior Newcomers - First Round

134 to follow The HY Equestrian RIHS 1.10m Amateur Championship - 2nd Qualifier 

135 to follow Equitop GLME Senior Foxhunter (First Round) -1st Qualifier

Equine America Ring 3 (All Weather)

136 8:00am The Horseware Ireland RIHS 1.00m Open Championship - 2nd Qualifier 

137 to follow The Universal Trailers 1.25m Open

138 to follow The RIHS 1.30m Open

Coldstream Equestrian Ring 4 (All Weather)

139 8:00am Al Shira'aa RIHS 5 Year Old Championship - 2nd Qualifier

140 to follow Al Shira'aa RIHS 6 Year Old Championship - 2nd Qualifier

141 to follow Al Shira'aa RIHS 7 Year Old Championship - 2nd Qualifier

Science Supplements Ring 5

143 7:30am The Leeman Family 153cms (15.0HH) Show Hunter Pony Championship

144 9.00am The Leeman Family 143cms (14.0HH) Show Hunter Pony Championship

145 10.30am The Leeman Family 133cms (13.0HH) Show Hunter Pony Championship

146 12.00pm The Leeman Family 122cms (12.0HH) Show Hunter Pony Championship

147 1.30pm The BSPS 153cms (15.0HH) Working Hunter Pony Championship

148 3.00pm The BSPS 143cms (14.0HH) Working Hunter Pony Championship

149 4.30pm The BSPS 133cms (13.0HH) Working Hunter Pony Championship

150 to follow Presentation: The BSPS Supreme Working Hunter Pony Championship 

The Roger Stack Arena

151 7.30am UKPH Young Riders M&M Small Breeds Championship

152 9.20am UKPH Amateur Riders Ridden M&M Championship

153 10.45am UKPH Young Riders Intermediate M&M Championship

154 12.10pm UKPH Young Riders M&M Large Breeds Championship

155 1.40pm Pure Bred Ridden Arabian

Driving Ground

156 11.00am Novice Hackney Pony

157 to follow Novice Hackney Horse

158 2.00pm Open Hackney Pony

159 to follow Open Hackney Horse

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Times are subject to change