Win a Luxury Lemieux bundle and Flex-On Composite Stirrups

The prize consists of:

1 x Flex-on Green Composite Stirrups – IUG – Colour of choice from stock

2 x LeMieux Proshell Brushing Boots – Size Large – White,

1 x LeMieux Proshell Overreach Boots – White – XL,

1 x LeMieux Spectrum Browband – Black Leather – Ice Blue – Full Size

Hudson Equine are suppliers that specialise in bringing the best quality clothing, footwear and accessories to both horse and rider at the best prices.

The Green Composite Flex-On’s with inclined footbed are designed to be light, durable and easy to clean. Elastomers underneath the foot rest have been designed to offer the highest level of shock absorption. The elastomers also reduce the physical impact on the rider, helping to prevent fatigue and injury. RRP £174.95.

The LeMieux Proshell brushing boots are a new generation of brushing boot from LeMieux with greater all-round protection. Moulded PU outer shell offers superior support and shields against strikes, whilst remaining very flexible. Unlike a regular brushing boot which relies on a single inside padded area, the ProShell boot offers 360 degree protection. Strategically placed vents ensure the release of excess heat and the soft perforated inner lining encourages the movement of air and is soft and kind to the horse’s leg. These boots are extremely versatile, tough enough to be used for turn out but equally smart enough to use at shows. RRP £42.50 each pair. The white LeMieux Proshell Brushing Boots will also be paired with white LeMieux Proshell Overreach Boots and a LeMieux Spectrum Browband for a complete look.

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Entries close 13th August.
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