Win a Total Cool Portable Cooling Unit

Total Cool is a British-made compact, portable air-cooling unit. It delivers cool air that can be up to 45% cooler than the ambient air temperature - so that's 30deg down to an impressive 16deg! It offers directional air cooling from two air vents, with a distance of up to seven metres, with four fan speed settings. The unit weighs just 2kg, making it perfect for the horse box, living quarters, travel, dining, entertaining or at home. Just add 1.5 Litres of tap water, Plug & Play. Low power draw at only 0.3 -1.8 amps, giving it great green credentials. Included is an Essential Oil pack for added health benefits delivered cool, clean filtered air, use the citronella to repel insects for added comfort when outdoors. Comes with two year warranty.

Call Sue on +44 7767 262 477. For further information head to the Total Cool website

Entries close on 4th October 2021.

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