Win an Equine & Canine Massage Gun

The E&C Massage Gun epitomises the benefits of massage for your horse, dog and you in a small, lightweight yet effective package.

It helps relieve muscle stiffness, soreness and aches and your horse, dog and yourself will feel the effects within minutes, as it is also suitable for people to use. View Chiropractor Laura Harding explaining the wonderful effect that the E&C massage gun has had on herself and her patients.

The health and well-being factors include an increase in blood circulation, which in turn increases oxygen flow, leaving your horse, dog, and you more energised, flexible, and comfortable. Watch Equine Massage Therapist Hayley Robinson of Equine Revolutions using the E&C massage gun on her clients horse and explaining the positive effects on the horse.

The E&C massage gun has easy to use and clear instructions on how to massage your four legged best friends and yourself. It improves performance, mood and is fantastic for muscle recovery. Vet's, Physiotherapist's, Equine Massage Therapist's, Chiropractors, Olympic Medallist Oliver Townsend, Hickstead Derby winner Geoff Billington and Horse Stuntman Ben Atkinson absolutely love their E&C massage gun. It doesn't disappoint! Find out more about the E&C Massage Gun here.

Along with the E&C Massage Gun, you will also win an E&C shopping bag, saddle pad, t-shirt and cap!

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Entries close 30 August 2024.
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