The future

After more than 60 years since its inception in 1960, the showground continues to diversify and thrive. In September 2015, we hosted 'Boomerang Hickstead', a brand new two-day music festival that introduced the All England Jumping Course to a whole new audience.  Diversification will allow the Bunn family to continue to improve Hickstead's facilities and invest in equestrian sport. 


What the Bunn family say about the future of Hickstead:


"Our biggest challenge is the Great British weather but modern technology and soil science meant that with the very successful refurbishment of the ring in 2011, we have created a turf arena that will cope with not only the demands of our horse shows but also a far wider range of concerts and events.

I started working full time at Hickstead in 1983, and nearly 40 years later I am still here! My wife Julia and I, and our four children live here at Hickstead, so it is in every sense my home."


"Many people think we shut down over the winter and re-open a few weeks before the first shows. In fact, keeping Hickstead going is a full-time job - a bit like painting the Forth Bridge. As soon as one season ends, we start planning the next one.

Dad put millions into Hickstead because he was passionate about horses. Now his financial input is gone, we have to find ways to continue his legacy into the future. In recent years, we have diversified and it is my dream that the showground will continue to flourish so that in future my two girls, Ellie and Georgia, and the next generation can take over the reins."


"If we wanted pocket money we had to work during our school holidays, mowing the grass or painting fences. This approach taught me the value of money from an early age, and Dad's passion for the sport combined with his keen business acumen really helped us all understand how to run a successful business. We have tried to recreate, on a smaller scale, his success with our All England Polo Club, and we look forward to diversifying further in the future with all kinds of new and innovative events.


"Running Breen Equestrian from Hickstead, and as this is the ultimate family business, my whole life revolves around Hickstead. My siblings always considered it rather helpful having a rider 'on the circuit' to lend a valuable rider's view to the running of the business. We are all very excited about the future and look forward to continuing to attract world class equestrian events amongst other things."


"Dad was a master innovator and it was his constant encouragement to think creatively and move with the times that has helped us understand the unique needs of sponsors and the commercial possibilities open to Hickstead. The future, and the inevitable challenges it will bring, is a daunting prospect, but I believe that in the motley crew Dad has taught and entrusted to take the business on, we possess such a wide variety of interests and skills, and above all a shared sense of steely determination, that we will succeed, no matter what."


'Hickstead has and will always be a central part of my life, and I feel it is the extraordinary individuals we are so lucky to have working with us, that give Hickstead the wonderful atmosphere that so many people enjoy. When I think of the future of Hickstead, I get an enormous feeling of excitement for the challenges that lie ahead of us as a family."



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